Drafting One Of The Best Exam Essay For Students

August 19, 2020

Essay exams can be a daunting task for many students. Almost every student at one point or another has come across the essay exam. No matter where you stand in your take-home essay writing process, you will have to change and adapt to write essays in the exam by taking help from an expert essay writer. For many students, attempting the essay exam can become a daunting task; this can be due to poor time management skills, lack of confidence over one’s writing, exam anxiety, etc.

Preparing beforehand

IF you are familiar with your course outline and the examination formats then you should plan ahead for your essay exam question. In the essay exam, you are expected to get your ideas and writing right the first time around, as there is hardly any time for revision and editing; whereas in take-home essays you might have consulted an essay writing service or a peer to help you with your editing and reviewing. It is important that you make good notes from your lectures and your reading material, such that at the end of the exam you can easily revise the entire course just by going through your notes.

When nearing the exams you should start going through old essays either from past papers or your own essays marked and checked by your instructor. Make sure to make a note of what the instructor appreciates and otherwise.

Attempting the exam essay

Upon starting your essay you should allocate time for each of the writing processes. You should keep aside a good fifteen minutes for prewriting processes and fifteen minutes for the post writing process if the essay is a two-hour essay for example.

If you have more than one essay then start with the shorter essay one and set aside a specific time for the longer one. Using your brainstorming notes and the knowledge you have about the subject, you should form your write my essay outline first.

Each paragraph following the introduction should be headed by a topic sentence. The number of paragraphs will depend on the solid ideas and points that you have for the essay. Make sure you discuss the idea comprehensively and spend most of your essay writing presenting the evidence and evaluating and analysing it. You should always have the thesis statement examples or the main argument of the essay in your mind while providing the analysis.

You should make sure that your ideas have a smooth transitioning from one paragraph to another as well as in between the various parts in each paragraph. A well cohesive paragraph will have sentences that start with the familiar and end with the addition of new.information.

Another important factor to consider is the logical flow in your writing. Make sure that your arguments are backed by your evidence, followed by how and why it helps in supporting the paragraph idea. In your writing you will make various errors, which you should catch in your essay editing at the end of the college essay.

However, if you are writing it on paper, the corrections that you make shouldn’t make the text unreadable. A single strike over the words to be replaced would do the job.